Nourish to Cherish

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Neepa Choksi

I am a medical professional, narrative practitioner and Purpose Wellness Coach. 

Starting off my career path as a medical graduate, and moving on to the non-clinical sector for a few years, I have helped hundreds of individuals identify their purpose and strength.This led to rethink my personal goals and purpose.

My mission is to empower individuals and help them expand their comfort zone, identify their inner strengths and wants and guide them to grow to their fullest potential, thus creating a positive, enriching environment.

I also lend my time and expertise to a social cause supporting the educational needs of kids from low-income families. I am also a volunteer for Covid 19 counseling service.

When I manage to slip off work, I am busy mothering my adolescent, reading, idlying my time or going clickety click and storing endless memories for life.

Nasreen Khan Chanana

I come  frm a  Public Relations background. I have been a part of some leading entertainment companies. 

I am also a personal Counselor & therapist along with being a wellness Coach. 

Juggling many roles in my personal life as a wife and mother to two bubbly teenage girls I have found my  calling in helping people through my various initiatives. I believe all individuals are blessed with innate positive energy and with right guidance it can be unleashed to achieve maximum potential and happiness. 

I have contributed in my individual capacity and helped in the migrant crisis during the lockdown.

My motto in life is ‘Let’s Deal with A Situation and make sure it does not become a Problem ‘

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